Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Go Vote!

As all of you know Princess Bookie is having a BIG contest at her blog. To enter we all had to remake and design book covers. So, the contest is moving right along and now the time to vote for the best looking and most creative ones. The new experience for me in designing covers is new, but really exciting, fun, and the outlet to release my imagination and creativity. I encourage you to take trip to her blog and vote. All of the covers came out amazing!


Can't choose which to vote for?

I would greatly appreciated if you would go Vote for these amazing covers:

Fallen #13 & Before I Fall #8

As far as I Know, to vote you didn't have to have entered, and you don't have to vote on each category. What are you waiting for go vote!


Nina said...

So beautiful. :)
I vote for Before I Fall #8

Yay! Reads said...

I granted you an award, congrats!
Go to my blog to check it out:

Anonymous said...

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