Monday, October 19, 2009

Quick Update

As you can tell there hasn't been many books reviewed on this site. The problem is that I've sadly been investing most of my time in the look of this blog. Since I created this blog there has been 5 template changes that I've done my self. I feel that its all consumed my time and my reading time. This upsets me, so I have decided to leave the template alone for a few days and not worry about the look of this blog, rather the content. Please don't lose your hopes on this blog I have been working really hard to make this look the best, it can be. Now that I have 53 followers, which I feel is a big audience, I will start putting up more book reviews and interesting book-related content. (and, not memes)

Until Next time,



Dani. said...

I understand where your coming from. And I look forward to see all that you and your blog can offer. :)


P.S.- Your layout looks cute as it is!