Monday, November 9, 2009

Book News: Beautiful Creatures

The release of Beautiful Creatures has been eagerly anticipated, by the majority of the Book Blogging Community, myself included. As usual I like to take a look around Barnes & Nobles, on the lookout for new books and great deals and offers, since I now buy from them. Today, Beautiful Creatures was on the front page of the Young Adult section. To my surprise after clicking on it, I learned that its no longer available for pre-order and that it's actually available already, and its on sale for only $9.71 (for members). Also on the product description it says that it will be published December 2009. If it hasn't been published then how can it be available! The real questions is, Is it available or not?

I'm really interested in knowing because I'm highly interested in buying. Does anyone know what the real deal is?

If you want to take a look: CLICK HERE

My guess is that Barnes & Noble is releasing it early, or it could be a glitch!


Kelsey said...

It's the same on Amazon. I noticed some people ordered it already and got it on their IMM posts.

I'm going to go ahead and order it from one of the sites. Hopefully it's not a glitch!

Cindy said...

I ordered mine on Friday on amazon, and it was shipped today so its available!


choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

ooh. I must go check this out! I really want to read this book, and if I can order it early, I'm going to!

Staysi said...

Well, it seems to be pretty legit. I had no idea Barnes & Noble was already listing this and so thanks for posting it! I just ordered a couple of books along with Beautiful Creatures (which btw only cost $10- a pretty good deal if you ask me!) and hopefully it'll arrive soon :)

Oh and some bookstores have it too, cause I just checked with my local B&N store and Beautiful Creatures is in stock.

Dannie said...

I have no idea. It's not on any of my book stores, but my town always gets book shipments dead last, so I might not be the most reliable source.

rubyfireangel16 said...

i loved this book, i also liked that it was told from ethans point of view, which in most books its told from the girls. but i really liked the change.