Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Book Madness

Doesn't turning around and seeing your books on nightstand make you swell up and feel proud to be a bookworm? What happens when these feelings stop? What happens when buying books is more important than reading them? Lately, I feel like I'm only filling up on books. Not having books made me want them. Now that I have more than 1 book to read, it's like I feel that its more about collecting them. To be honest I don't like the feeling at all. Hence my title, I'm a Book Shopaholic.

From the very beginning what attracted me the most to books was the covers. Yeah, not a good reason to read a book. Its no longer about the covers, I've actually read about 13 books in the past 3 months, not that great either. I'm in lack of motivation. I can't find the reason why, I spent alot time desiring to read, and now that I'm here and actually have books to read. Why is it that I lack motivation?

Yes, I do love books always have. But, in the past few weeks all my enthusiasm for books is lacking. I'm not saying I don't like them anymore I do. I still love the feeling of reading and collecting them. I just feel like it's more about buying them. I feel some guilt for wanting to buy more books when I have a 2 week supply of books here.

It hurts me to say these things, but I'm trying really hard to get back to reading, as I haven't been taking it too seriously. The other thing that bothers me is becoming greedy for books. My goal is to reach a level at which its most about reading than buying them. I would really want to see myself as an avid reader. I guess I'm more of a Book Shopaholic than a Book Worm.

In the future, I expect this problem to be resolved and have huge results in my reading. As for now, I will put all my strength in reading more than buying, because I do love reading them. Hopefully in the next few says I can start calling myself an AVID READER not a BOOK SHOPAHOLIC.

Have you ever experienced something like this?
Has it ever becomed more about buying and getting books than reading them?
Any tips?

Until Next Time,

* (I hope I didn't bore you)


Addicted Book Reader said...

I totally understand. Currently I'm totally overwhelmed by all the books I own, want to read, have to review, and library books I have. I have at least 80 books I own that I haven't read yet and want to read. Like you said, I love collecting books, but I'm kinda in a slump where it takes me a week to finish one book : (

Julie said...

I have phases with my books. I'm ALWAYS looking for new books to buy, but I keep a list that I work through, only deviating if I can't find any of the books in the store when I'm there and the book looks really good.

I never judge by covers. Always by the description/summary. It makes it less likely I'll be disappointed and more likely I'll want to read more. Because of this, there's only three unread books on my nightstand, and I've been slowly approaching them. This doesn't include the three or so books I started and just can NOT finish. But three out of the 100 something I own isn't bad.

You just have to buy the right books. And if it's still not working, don't force it. Focus on something else, but don't buy more books while you do. Build a steady list while you wait, don't just keep buying. Preplanning definitely helps me.

Building a library of my own is one of my many favorite things about reading. But what good is a library if I don't like all the books?

Leslie said...

I know what you mean. I went through a similar thing myself. I saw lots of books at the store or on my friends shelves that I wanted to read. I accumulated a pile that sat on top of my bookshelf for months. My reasoning was that I already had those books, but books from the library, etc. needed to be returned. So they sat there a little longer. Then I got busy. I thought I would never read them. Then this summer, I slowly started to tackle my pile. Before I even realized it, I was done. When I get like that, I usually have to take a little break from reading, and then after a little while I miss it so much that I'm ready to go after it with a new passion.

Dahlia (TheBookShopaholic) said...

Thanks for the great advice!

Holly said...

I'm not much of a book buyer but I have become a bit addicted with ordering books from two libraries in my area, I currently have a stack of 50 books to be read and quite a few of them are from the library. It's very easy to love the idea of the book but the regret I feel when I look at the shelf, it's just so overwhelming to think I'll read all of those pages.

I've helped this along by using the average ratings on goodreads so I know I'm reading the best of the bunch first and if they have to be returned before I get to read them, I won't feel so bad.

~*Ruby*~ said...

I could totally relate to you -- when I was depressed, I tend to buy books to just lift up my spirits, but with my current reading ratio + time spent on reading [ie to give you an average, i read around 1.5-2 books per month], the books just piled up!

Then I found other sources of time for reading books and i'm slowly trying to work my way through the neverending TBR file.

Don't get me wrong, I still buy books every now and again [mostly cheap titles that i see from used bookstores] and I can't always have control of good books or bad books [if they're bad for me, I still read them anyway then put them up for swapping, i think these books deserve to have a good home too]

The Book Bug said...

You're in what I would call a reading slum. Dont fear, I was taking out of my reading slum by reading my now favourite book City Of Bones. So I suggest you either read you favorite book, choose one or whatever, so charge into a bookshop (or libray) and go straight to the YA section and buy (or borrow) the best looking book. Good luck on getting out of your slum. :)

brizmus said...

I have totally been through this before, and I know - it's a horrible feeling. I find, though, that when I go through something like this, I just have to find the right book. That one, awesome book that will make me forget about book buying and want to do nothing other than read all the time. Then I'm set for a good year. :-)
I'm sure your love of reading will soon come roaring back in full force!

The Book Obsession said...

Yes! I know the feeling. I haven't had time to read lately but I keep collecting more and more books. I love walking out of the library with a bunch of books and this includes the store as well. This post helps me know that I am not alone, haha. =]

The Book Obsession

Becky said...

Definitely! I think it is totally normal to go through a phase of I don't feel like reading. Anything can trigger it. For me, if I'm worried or really stressed I can't read even though I know I'll feel better if I do.

I have about 30 books in my TBR pile that I want to read but sometimes when there are that many it is like having a job to try to get through them all.

My advice? List ten books you want to read in a post. Get your commentators to vote for which one you should read next. Then read it! Maybe knowing that someone is waiting to hear what you think of it will make you feel more motivated!

Readingaddict said...

I know what you mean. I went into Borders yesterday, and my mom had to grab me and drag me out of the store to prevent me from buying anything. I have tons (seriously) of books at home to read, but there's just something special about buying a new book. Of course, I read a lot too, so it's not like I buy books and never read them. I would suggest avoiding bookstores for a while and working on reading. For each book you read, you can buy a new one.

Hope this helped :D

oO Mariana Oo said...

Bored me?? are you kidding I totally know what you mean. And I gotta say Ive been there... Im taking it easy now, but like 3 months ago it was all about buying... I just tried to make my reading list (from the ones I bought), and I promised myself not to buy more books, until finishing at least half of the books from the list, and is actually working :)

browneyedgirl said...

I feel the exact same way! Twilight got me back into reading, and since last year, I've been on a reading frenzy. But lately, I find myself buying a ton of books, and not being able to catch up on my reading. I have WAY too many books for my own good, and I'm running out of places to put them :S

I usually go from book to book, but as of late, I've been having breaks between books, that last anywhere from a couple days to a week or more.

I judge books by the covers, but then I read the description. Sometimes that makes me put a book back, but other times it intrigues me.

Sometimes to get me back into reading, I re-read a favourite. It usually helps :)

Larissa said...

Hi Dahlia, i feel like that sometimes too. I guess we're so addicted to finding new books, and since there are such wonderful treats coming to our attention every day, we keep on wanting more and more. I don't have any counsels on how to deal with that everlasting 'wanting' of a new i've tried prohibiting myself from buying books till i had finished my pile, but that only made me anxious and kinda nuts, so now i buy them with no guilt. :)