Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Real BookShelf

The place us book lovers love most, our bookshelves. I have mine in my room for easy access. I like turning around and seeing all my pretty covers. Even if I don't have huge amounts of books, my bookshelf makes me feel like a proud bookworm. My overall bookshelf is full of crap, or with other books from the past when I was a child.  But, the YA section I love most of all. It also inspires me to buy more books!

The above is my overall section for my Young Adult books. As you can tell, I don't have very many. I started buying all of these back in September, so it hasn't been that long. Although some of the books laying down, I've been had since a year ago, from my first attempt to read more. Those are the ones I care least for, cause I got them bargain-priced.

In this section, I have the books I've read. They are separated by random items in my room. This section encourages me to read more. To speed up on my reading.

This is my TBR pile. I have started reading Shadowland, but the book isn't holding my interest, so it's taking a while. I hope to tackle this section of my bookshelf, throughout the winter break when I'll have lots of free time. And, I'm hoping this part of my bookshelf will grow alot during Christmas. I've made my parents a list of all the books I want. So, I have high hopes on getting / buying more books.

Overall, this is not a way for me to brag about the books I have. I don't have enough to brag about! I just wanted to share my bookshelf with the world. I personally like seeing other people's bookshelves.

-Happy Reading-


Aimee said...

your bookshelf is contained and cute - i'd be proud too!


Emma Michaels said...

I can understand. I love my bookshelves. I just wish I have enough of them for my books. I recently moved in with my fiance so our book collections combined ended up being too many for where we are staying... Guess that is what happens when two book addicts get together. Love your shelf!


Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

So organized and very cute. Definitely jealous of some books there, and I'm trying to fill up my bookcase too (just need to get over how frugal I am...). Hope you read those books soon! Wondrous Strange and My Soul to Take were both good. :)

Addicted Book Reader said...

Cute little bookshelf : D I'm thinking of taking some pictures of mine too and sharing them on my blog.

Orchid said...

My shelves are so full I'm stacking books on the floor. But I do love how neat and tidy your shelf is. Some awesome books on your shelf. :)

Holly said...

How can you care for Just Listen by Sarah Dessen the least. You MUST read this book, brilliant. I love Owen :)

Book Crazy Jenn said...


OHHH I sooo know what you mean - ME TOO I LOVED book shelves...what a great great idea - I love you shelves, and though small they are totally going to grow LOL - till you find you have NO MORE ROOM! :)

Def. soemthing to be proud of - awesome I love how orginized you are!

browneyedgirl said...

Your books are much more contained than mine for sure! My bookcases are so full, I have double rows, and books piled on the floor. It's a little scary to look at sometimes, but I do love my books :)