Wednesday, February 17, 2010

People who read a lot are they smarter? If so why?

I've been asking myself this same question. Does it ever happen to you? Do you ever start to think about what other people think about your healthy reading addiction? Does it ever make you feel uncool? I'm writing this point to arrive at a conclusion to this topic.

I've been talking to some people "the popular crowd" at my school. They don't exactly think I'm a geek or in other terms uninteresting. But, this was after I wrote a persuasive essay on this topic (class assignment), I believe I got through to them that in reality reading is a beautiful thing.

But, it seems that in today's society people assume that you are a geek, who can't get a girlfriend/boyfriend, and someone who has no social life out side of reading. Frankly, I'm sick of it.

People's assumptions to reading, nowadays are wrong. Reading has become known to be uninteresting, spiritless, and dead among other things. Now, just because a person spending time engrossed in a good book to pass time, does not mean that the person is unsocial or "uncool".

Taking into consideration that I'm not a geek. But, I digress people who read are in no way anywhere less cool, than the average person who doesn't read. We're actually more skilled mentally.

Here's the benefits of reading:

  1. Reading embellishes your imagination.
  2. It expands your vocabulary.
  3. Teens who read tend to get higher grades.
  4. Reading gives you knowledge and comprehension skills.
  5. In books, you find solution to everyday problems.
And, those are just some of the benefits.

Conclusion: Now to prove my point, reading is cool. In reality, the people who read are actually smarter than the average person.

Books can be an escape from a boring life, or an adventure full of excitement and intrigue. It's easy to lose yourself among a book's beautifully written pages, reading word upon word of a literary masterpiece. Of course, there are ways to enjoy books to their fullest extent. And, don't forget the benefits. Did I mention it's entertaining, and "cool"?!

Would you like to become an avid reader?


iluvhersheys_andbooks said...

Well said girl!!! Right when I saw the title of your post i said "duhh". I agree people assume you are either one or the other. A geek who reads or a non geek who doesnt read. At my school I play sports, so Im known as the athlete. Then when other kids or my teamates see me reading between games they shout "you read!!!" like their so suprised. Like you can't play sports and read or something. I agree, books are also my 'escape, and I'm not weird for that...ok mabey a little!!! I loved this post, it got me on a rant!!!

Adriana said...

This is a great post. It was so annoying hearing girls at school bragging about how they don't read like if it makes them look cool. When in reality it makes them look stupid, since those same girls were the ones failing. I think the stereotype of a bookworm is so wrong. I've always loved to read since I was little and I've always been really social. Kind of how some people like video games or watching t.v. I'd rather read as a form of entertainment.

Christina T said...

Fantastic post! I think it is great that you read a lot. I learned a lot from reading when I was a teen. I remember reading historical fiction in high school that helped me do well on history tests.

It is sad that some teenage girls feel they need to avoid reading to look cool. It goes back to the old mentality that girls shouldn't appear to be too intelligent so they can snag a guy. Ugh.

Avid readers will have the last laugh because our reading habit will help us succeed in life!

Happy reading and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Jami said...

I was so happy when I saw this post. Yes, people who read are smarter! Reading is such a wonderful experience that I'm so glad I found. I think all different types of people read. When I am working after care with the middle school children, I always share my love of reading. I love seeing them bring in their newest books to show me. Here's breaking a stereotype, the cheerleader is the avid reader!

Arya said...

That is so true! But really, I think it depends on WHAT the person reads...
Anywho, yes, of course society is dumb when it comes to their views on reading. But I think Twilight changed that just a tad. And even if it wasn't that well writter, I'm glad of that.

choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

I totally agree--and it's sad, because barely anyone reads at my school. If people see me with a book, they don't think I'm uncool, they're just sort of fascinated, like people literally crowd around and say, "OMG THAT GIRL IS READING BECAUSE SHE LIKES TO!" because it's really that rare at my school, lol.

And I agree 100% that it makes you smarter. My AP Lit class is the easiest class I've ever taken, but basically everyone else complains that it's too hard. And it's easy for me because I read so much. :)

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

Love the post. I agree that reading makes you smarter. Though I never had the problem with anyone thinking I was a geek. Of course I got stares that plainly begged the question that I actually enjoyed to read.

The issues were more that people thought I was a snob before they got to know me. I was in all the advance classes and was always reading a book. Maybe that made me seem a little high and mighty? Of course I'm sure it didn't help that I'm the shy type when I first meet people.

Also, I agree with Arya it depends on what you read. Admittedly, I read a lot of Fantasy and UF. I'm sure if I read other genres and maybe a little more nonfiction I'd pick up even more. Then again I'm always surprised how much knowledge you can get from my preferred genres.

Ruthann said...

It is a nerd who eventually run the world.

Also, it gets better. I can't tell you how many people I think that fact that I save time to read something I enjoy during my school semesters (college) think it is cool that I still find time to read and I'm working on a science degree, not a literature or writing degree.

Also, sexy men read too...I should know, mine reads every night before he goes to bed.

Book Monster said...

You just made my day :)

Michelle said...

Reading is amazing. I don't get how anyone can dislike to read or think it's lame to do so. Yet when you're in school, for some reason, it's the kids that actually seem to have hopes of a future that get picked on lol.

And I agree that reading makes you smarter. It's definitely made me a better writer and a better communicator as well. Reading also opens up my eyes to a lot of things in life as well. Personally, I think people who don't read are missing out.

browneyedgirl said...

Some of my friends make fun of my for reading so much, but then they ask me to recommend them something, so I know it's all good :) I think you just need to take it all in stride, shrug it off when it's from people who don't really matter. At the end of the day, you do what you want because you want to!

Morgan said...

I totally agree with you! Great post and I'm also sick of people judging book lovers and readers. Well said!

Jennie Smith said...

If only I could get this through my middle schooler's heads!! What is it going to take?! Haha! I completely agree with you! Great post!