Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston

Title: Wondrous Strange
Lesley Livingston

Pages: 327, paperback
Publisher: Harper Teen
Age Group: Young Adult

Overall Rating:

17 year-old Kelly Winslow doesn’t believe in Faeries. Not unless they’re the kind that you find in a theatre, spouting Shakespeare—the kind that Kelley so desperately wishes she could be: onstage, under lights, with a pair of sparkly wings strapped to her shoulders. But as the understudy in a two-bit, hopelessly off-off-Broadway production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, wishing is probably the closest she’s going to get to becoming a Faerie Queen. At least, that’s what she thinks... In this fun, urban fantasy, Kelly's off-stage life suddenly becomes as complicated as one of Shakespeare’s plot twists when a nighttime trip to Central Park holds more than meets the mortal eye.

Wondrous Strange was enchanting, magical, with a sprinkle of romance. Definitely enjoyable, and kept me entertained.

Kelley has recently moved to New York City. Her main focus is her acting career. Having given the opportunity, Kelley will act as Tatiana in a Broadway production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Unexpectedly, one day she meets a mysterious guy, Sonny a changeling mortal guard of the Faerie world and earth. Kelley will later find the gate to her new adventurous and magical life.

Absolutely, Wondrous Strange was unique from other fairy books in many ways. There are so many themes that make it special, like theater, Shakespeare, fantasy, magic, and more awesomeness. After picking it up, I new it was going to be perfectly amazing, and for the most part it was.

But, not at first, the action and all the juicy parts don't start to happen from page 1. After getting into the story, you are open to a world of adventure. A place I didn't want to leave. It was some of the best writing, I've read in a while. The characters were likable and mysterious. The plot was something, I was interested in. Although, to be honest, I was confused with plot for a while, but in the end it all became clear to me.

On another note, it moved to slow to me. It practically stayed on the same things from the beginning until the middle. The ending promises a sequel, so that may be the reason it didn't move fast.

Overall, I don't have anything negative to say about it. It was what looks to be a great foundation to what I hear is a great series.

Now, I look forward to entering again in Darklight.

Plot: (9/10)
Characters: (9/10)
Ending: (8/10)
Enjoyment: (9/10)
Cover: (9/10)
Overall: 44/50 = 94% = A-

It catches the spirit of the book. I love the font on the title. The covers tells me magic, so it definitely in my opinion gives an insight on what's inside.

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Emily said...

This is such a fun series and I'm happy to say that Darklight is a great book too- I hope you get a chance to read it soon!

Book Monster said...

This was a good book :) But Darklight is awesomer *I know that is not a word lol* Great review!!


Glad you liked it! I <3 this series

browneyedgirl said...

I love this series! Darklight is such a great follow up, and I can't wait for whatever comes next :)