Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful Dead: Jonas by Aden Maguire

Title: Beautiful Dead: Jonas
Author: Eden Maguire

Pages: 271, paperback
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Age Group: Young Adult
Pub. Date: April 2010

Overall Rating: .5
Two days after the stabbing death of her boyfriend, Phoenix, Darina, hiding inside an old, abandoned barn in a remote wooded area (although it's never explained why the teenage girl ventured there alone) secretly observes his initiation into the Beautiful Dead, a troupe of young zombies who have one year to find out the truth about their deaths and seek justice. Their overlord agrees to spare Darina from having her mind wiped clean and to let her visit her boyfriend for the next year in exchange for playing detective and helping to solve the mysterious deaths of four Ellerton High classmates: Jonas, Arizona, Summer and Phoenix. First up is Jonas, the victim of a motorcycle crash, who only has ten days to find his killer within their small town.
Beautiful Dead: Jonas came too promising, with the lovely cover, and fascinating plot. In actuality, it doesn't feel that way in the end. There is elements of love, grief, supernatural, death, and hope, but turns out to be just insufficient for the reader.

There's been strange deaths in Ellerton High. There's been 4 deaths of 4 teenagers, Jonas, Arizona, Summer, and Phoenix. As crazy as it sounds, the 4 teenagers are brought back from beyond the grave, and they need the help from Darina to be able to return to the afterlife after their mysterious deaths are resolved.

The plot is interesting-sounding, but unoriginal there's already a show on it The Ghost Whisperer. Still, with this concept, this book could have had a great turnout, but it wasn't executed right. However, the story moved on being unexciting, lacking, and too basic among other things.

Starting with the writing, it was simple, easy to read, with an amusing side. From page 1, no suspense sets the reader is told almost everything behind the mystery. Still, the reader is waiting with curiosity, anxiety, and great interest to know where the it will pick up. Mid-way through it the reader is still not satisfied, still waiting. This felt like a let-down, but it's a series so lets go easy on it.

When it comes to the characters, they all fall flat. As hard as I tried, I couldn't feel close to them, get in their mind, or feel for them. I just wasn't interested much in them. Fortunately, this light read will keep you for a few hours entertained, maybe not impressed but you can get some enjoyment out of it.

For all supernatural lovers this book could potentially be pleasing for you. In the end, Beautiful Dead: Jonas is "a short trill ride."

Plot: (7/10)
Characters: (7/10)
Ending: (7/10)
Enjoyment: (8/10)
Cover: (9/10)
Overall: 38/50 = 76% = C-

Very enticing. Looks amazing, I love the color scheme and font.

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Amber Skye said...

This series looks pretty interesting. I'm sorry to see that you didn't enjoy it that much. I might read it if I ever get around to it.

BookFanatic said...

I agree this cover does look amazing, and the plot does sound interesting, too bad it isn't that great. I'll have to see for my self.

Faye said...

great review! I enjoyed this one, i agree with u. at times it was a little confusing 4 me but it was good.

librarypat said...

Thanks for an honest review.It may still appeal to diehard fans of the genre. But for those of us who are sampling, we don't have the time.

Jennie Smith said...

I haven't read this series, but the cover does look good. Thanks for the honest review!

Happy reading!