Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bad Apple by Laura Ruby

Title: Bad Apple
Author: Laura Ruby

Pages: 245, hardcover
Publisher: Harper Teen
Age Group: Young Adult
Pub. Date: October 2009

Overall Rating: .5
Junior Tola Riley doesn’t care what people say about her. She knows her ever-changing hair color and goth clothes make her an easy target. Whatever. But the latest rumor is different.... The entire school believes she had an affair with her art teacher. The rumors may be a lie, but the fallout is all too real. Will Tola finally stand up for the truth?
The only words that come to mind when reading, Bad Apple are random, bizarre, and pure craziness. The connection with the reader was always off. I could never stop to savor the goodness of this book, it was always a bad apple. Fortunately, I got at least some laughs out of it, even they weren't always fully satisfying.

Bad Apple is centered around the Life of Tola, a highschool Junior, art fanatic, and fairytale reader. Rumors of an affair between Tola and her art teacher arise. Tola must now straighten things out and clear her reputation, along with her dysfunctional family.

To say the most, Bad Apple was a humorous book, but I never understood the humor. Some things were actually funny (about 60%) other things were just stupid (40%). This book would probably appeal more to middle graders.

Speaking of the plot, it was a book without a book. There was hardly a story being told. We know the book is suppose to be about Tola and her art teacher having an affair, but is only mentioned about 30% of of the book. It shocking to see that surely that is not enough to make up a book. Most of it is just the random things in Tola's mind.

Looking at the writing, Ruby has loads of writing talent, it's easy to see when reading. But, that wasn't enough to impress me - there needed to be an actual story being told. In it self, this book isn't that bad, you can actually relate to some characters and read until the end just to see where the characters end up.

Bad Apple is a light, enjoyable read. Loads of things could have been better, but I did stay up til midnight reading it, so there had to be something good in it. Pick it up if are a fan or realistic fiction.

Plot: (7/10)
Characters: (7/10)
Ending: (7/10)
Enjoyment: (7/10)
Cover: (6/10)
Overall: 34/50 = 68% = D+

Never caught my eye.

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Amber Skye said...

I'm sorry to see that this one wasn't your cup of tea. I haven't ever really had any interest in it.

By the way, you have an award over at my blog :)

Marie said...

This is one of the first books in my wishlist last year, but looking back... I don't know if I'd purchase this book lol.

Thanks for the review!