Monday, June 28, 2010

Changes, Blog Button, Accepting Affliliates

Changes: I made some around the site. These changes are only temporary for now, it will come as no surprise for them to change really soon. The color scheme isn't working for me, so I will be tweaking them. Once again, the header is by the lovely Katie from Sophistikatied Reviews. She's got buckets of talent for design so I got her to make this blog button:

Gosh, it looks so adorable! It was urgently needed. Thanks Katie! - Now, I'm super excited to socially network with some of you. Therefore, I'll be accepting requests to become affiliates with The Book Shopaholic. At the moment, I'm looking to get about 10 affiliates, but hoping for more in the near future.

The Advantages:
  • Your blog button will be added on the sidebar. (if you have one)
  • Your blog link will be added on the sidebar on a blog roll just for affiliates.
  • Updates on your blog will be featured regularly.
  • You can choose to guest post at anytime, to encourage interaction between our blogs.
  • Blogger interaction.
  • More may be discussed in the future.
Basic Requirements:
  • Personality
  • Mainly a YA book blogger
  • Your blog is powered by Blogger
  • Comparability with my blog and readers.
  • You're committed to blogging and are active posting on a regular basis.
  • From reading your content I can see you enjoy blogging about books.
Your amount of followers or months of blogging don't matter to be accepted. I look more for personality and positivity for blogging about books (I see this everywhere). Have no fear in applying! The benefits are for both of us. We get to become blogger buddies while both our sites grow/work together.

Just know that we will be affiliates with each other. All I ask is for you to add me w/my blog button to your affiliates page or sidebar. You can simply apply by filling out this form

New Info: I'll email the people applying to confirm that we're now affiliates, then their blog buttons/links will be added to the sidebar. Starting tomorrow!


Sara said...

Whoa. I really LOVE the new header and button!! :)

Marce said...

Very cute button , love the chandelier.

Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

Really cute!

Dahlia said...

Cute header and button! ^_^

Addicted Book Reader said...

Oooh that is the cutest button! I loved the old header, but the new is just as great : D

Anonymous said...

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Sarah Jang said...

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