Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Content Ratings for Reviews

It has occurred to me that, while some people don't mind certain content in the books they read, others are curious to know even before reading a book. In addition to the ratings already on my reviews, I have developed my own content ratings, this will be included in all future reviews. The main purpose is to inform whether the book is clean or mature etc. I realize this may help younger readers, and for older readers simply be interesting to know.

Smiley Face: This face means that the book is appropriate for the general audience. For books that have minimal to no references to sexual content, alcohol, drugs, profanity, cussing, disturbing images, swearing, and violence etc. a.k.a rated G, middle grade + Young Adult

Surprised Face: This face means that the book is appropriate for an older audience. For books that have significant amount of references to sex, profanity, drugs. alcohol, violence, gruesome scenes, and crude comments etc. a.k.a rated PG-13 Young Adult

Mature: Books with this rating are only for mature readers. A book doesn't necessarily have to be an adult book to have this rating. This is for books with extreme material of either one of profanity, sex, violence, disturbing scenes, or mature behavior etc. a.k.a. rated R, Young Adult + (there are YA books like this)

Crying Face: This doesn't rate content, I will give a book this face if it had a crying effect on me. It happens alot in books today. So, this will mean the book is a tear-jerker also means you should read it if you like sentimental books.

Twist Endings Face: I will rate a book this, if it had a huge surprising twist that made the story extensively better. These twists make the book extremely more entertaining. They even leave you with your mouth wide-open.

Sleepy Face: Rarely does a book put me to sleep. I'm reserving this rating for the one book that does. This rating is for the book that I just tried time and time again to love, but didn't succeed at it. BTW, I may only use this 1 time, ever.

Those are the rating faces for now, this new addition to my book reviews will continue to evolve with time, and more will be added in the future on this post (will be linked later in the sidebar). Plus, the faces are going to be made smaller for the actual reviews. Altogether, I just hope it would make the reviews on this site much more informative and possibly more helpful to readers when choosing their books.


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Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

Love this idea! They're so cute! Lol. :)

Dahlia said...

Great idea! I like to know the content of books before I read them, but it's so hard to find that info anywhere.
I love the little faces! ^_^

Sara said...

WOW I love it! What an awesome idea. And the faces are too cute :D

Katie said...

They are so adorable! This is a great idea too!