Tuesday, June 1, 2010

US Vs. UK (11)

US Vs. UK is a meme to compare the covers of a certain book and decide which looks best. It is currently hosted by Wondrous Reads and Bloody Bookaholic.

Today's Contestants:

She's so Dead to Us by Kieran Scott

When having money is all that matters, what happens when you lose it all?

Perfect, picturesque Orchard Hill. It was the last thing Ally Ryan saw in the rear-view mirror as her mother drove them out of town and away from the shame of the scandal her father caused when his hedge fund went south and practically bankrupted all their friends — friends that liked having trust funds and new cars, and that didn't like constant reminders that they had been swindled. So it was adios, Orchard Hill. Thanks for nothing.

Now, two years later, Ally's mother has landed a job back at the site of their downfall. So instead of Ally's new low-key, happy life, it'll be back into the snake pit with the likes of Shannen Moore and Hammond Ross.

But then there's Jake Graydon. Handsome, wealthy, bored Jake Graydon. He moved to town after Ally left and knows nothing of her scandal, but does know that he likes her. And she likes him. So off into the sunset they can go, right? Too bad Jake's friends have a problem with his new crush since it would make Ally happy. And if anyone deserves to be unhappy, it's Ally Ryan.

Ally was hoping to have left all the drama in the past, but some things just can't be forgotten. Isn't there more to life than money?

US: This isn't enough for me. I've heard many people say it's just too empty, not enough to represent this book. Certainly, it doesn't look that bad. The color combination works good, and the font is nice. But, it should be more involved.

UK: Normally, I'm turned off by cartoon images on book covers. Not this time, I love it. For what I've heard the scene on the cover fits the book. So, that's always great to see. I'd much rather buy this version!



The UK is cute and would make me grab it at a bookstore. =)


Amber Skye said...

I definitely prefer the US cover. I just love the symbolism of the broken necklace. I like the UK cover, too, but the US cover appeals to me more.

BookFanatic said...

I like the pearls on the 1st one. Of course, it would bother me if they didn't have anything to do with the book.

Michelle said...

US for sure. The UK cover seems too young. If I saw that cover in the bookstore I would think it was for a younger reading demographic than YA.

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

I'm not a fan of cartoon covers, so I'd have to say US.

Marce said...

The US for me, don't enjoy cartoon covers.

Rowena said...

For me, it's the simplicity of the US cover that gets me. I don't usually mind cartoon covers but for me, the US cover pulls at me more.

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

I really don't love either. The US makes it look adult not YA and the UK one makes it look for middle grade than YA! If I had to pick I guess the US one.

Book ♥ Soulmates said...

I'm actually not sure who to go with on this one.

Yes, the US cover is much more plain - but I like the elegance of it and the colors work nicely.

I agree with you in that I'm not into the "cartoon" cover (makes it appear more kiddish to me) but I suppose it deserves some credit if it matches the story, haha.

I think I'll go with the US only because like Rowena said above, I'm drawn more to that it.


PS: You won an AWARD on our blog :)

Bookworm said...

I'm not a big fan of the UK cartoons, and I love the colors/layout of the US cover. Us wins for me!