Thursday, October 14, 2010

Classic Books!

Classic Books - Books which have stood the test of time, or just books that English teachers think are important for our learning. So on, I'm involuntarily having to read some classics for school, and I see loads of classic books I'll involuntarily have to read in the future as I'm a junior. Since I started reading some classics, I'm learning how classic books give me intellectual mental skills. They make me look beyond this 3-dimensional world, so I'll be posting reviews on classic books as I read them.

A vast majority of my readers are still in highschool, who more than likely will have to read the classics I'm reading, at least eventually. I'd like to somehow encourage teens to read classics (maybe even if they don't have to), because classics aren't just old books, they're wise books that teach us significant things about life. They arm us with knowledge against the battles of life.

Bottom Line: I feel they're important to literature, but are sometimes neglected as years go by. In the effort to encourage that they're great reads, I'll post reviews on the classics I'm reading to give you insight about what classics are about for whenever (and if) you have to read them. Also, so you can potentially think about checking some of them. =)


Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

I've recently been wanting to read more classics so I'm looking forward to your reviews. I love the actual storyteller theme that classic novels hold.

Kate said...

Great post! I'm going back to school in January to start work on my Master's in Middle Childhood Education. I'm sure in some of my classes I'll be reading classic novels. My favorites are Jane Eyre and Rebecca. I was pretty picky about the classics I read when I was a kid but I'm ready to give them another try and appreciate them more. I look forward to reading your reviews.

Kate @ Literary Explorations

librarypat said...

Excellent point and idea. Sometimes hearing a book is a classic and required reading automatically has a student deciding they won't like the book. As you said, they are classics for a reason and we can all gain from reading them.