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First Step 2 Forever by Justin Bieber

Title: First Step 2 Forever
Justin Bieber

Pages: 235, hardcover
Publisher: Harper Collins Childrens
Age Group: Everybody
Pub. Date:

Overall Rating:

His debut album has already gone platinum. His YouTube videos have received over 10 million hits. He's sung for the president of the United States. His screaming fans have stormed TV studios and shut down shopping malls. Justin Bieber is a global superstar and now, for the first time ever, he's going to tell all in his very own book.

In this book, Justin tells the story of his amazing journey from small-town schoolboy to global superstar. Stunningly designed and jam packed full of exclusive unseen photos of Justin on and off stage, plus private captured moments, the awesome story of Justin's phenomenal rise to superstardom is a must-have for any true fan.

- Synopsis from Barnes & Noble

First Step 2 Forever - For the short hours I spent reading about the pop star, there was never a dull moment that made me want to put it down and quit reading. You should know that I've always been a Bieber fan, but never a Belieber until finishing this book. This book had a positive impact on me, this book isn't only about Justin's story along the way he does give some valuable advice that I will try to never forget.

Justin tells his story from the beginning, his birth, childhood, early teen years, and how You Tube changed his life. We see a different side of Justin in this book. He's not the cocky guy we thought he was after all he does have genuine feelings for his family, the people, and God. It shows how he didn't come from a rich home with no problems he did have many struggles like any other person. We see a humble side to Justin in that he never really planned to get famous, it just came to him when he uploaded videos of himself singing on You Tube.

Believe it or not the writing style is super interesting. It goes to prove celebrities can write as good any other author. His sense of humor is shown so much that I feel like I know him. I saw nothing cliched about it, everything was original and well though-out. The few words of advice he gives are almost life-changing (to me). He encourages readers to be keep doing the things you're not good at cause eventually you will be, to believe in yourself and to never let the criticism stop you, that you don't have to come from a rich family to make your dream come true, and the best dating advice as he calls it to "just listen" on a date, among others.
You learn so much. About him, and yourself.

There's nothing to complain about, this book gives readers and fans a deep inside look into Justin's life. This is a must for Bieber fans, even for the haters so they can see the real Justin. After finishing this book, I felt like I had lost a friend, for sure I'll be re-reading this a thousand times.
It's overflowed with inspiration and encouragement for teens to follow their dreams and never say never! (From now on I'm going to follow my dream!!)

Content Rating:

Rated PG - General Audience

Content Comments:

This book is appropriate for a general audience. First Step 2 Forever has no references to sex, drugs, profanity, cussing, etc.

Plot: (10/10)
Characters: (10/10)
Ending: (10/10)
Enjoyment: (10+/10)
Cover: (10/10)
Overall: 50/50 = 100% = A+


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