Saturday, April 30, 2011

In My Mailbox (41)

In My Mailbox is a meme created by The Story Siren and inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie! It is a list of the books that I've received over the previous week, either in the mail, from the bookstore, or from trades.

Here's what I got this week:

Reading for school:
I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore


Beguiled by Deeanne Gist ()
A Conspiracy of Ravens by Gilbert Morris
Maid to Match by Deeanne Gist

Nothing too special about this IMM. I simply received a few books from a church sale for free. My book spending days have lessened, but I predict they'll be increasing after I acquire access to my dad's credit card this week (hopefully.

On a different note, The Book Shopaholic is without-a-doubt, permanently, officially back to blogging and OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Stay tuned for a new contest/giveaway tomorrow!

^^^ Now I want to see what you got in your mailbox.... ^^^


Honey said...

I enjoyed I Am Number Four but I actually enjoyed the movie even more! Weird, isn't it? Nice books this week!

Here's my IMM!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

made to match looks sooooo cute!

MiaandSofia said...

A great pile of books! They all seem great. Made to match looks great :)
Check out what's In My Mailbox

Mia @GrippedintoBooks

Majanka said...

I'm totally in lvoe with the cover of A conspiracy of Ravens. I hope it's a nice read as well. I've heard good thing about I am Number Four, but haven't read it yet, nor have I seen the movie. Enjoy reading!

Take a look at what's in my Mailbox.

ComaCalm said...

I read I Am Number Four a week or so ago but thought that it could be better. I think I'll see if the movie has done any better!


Good Golly Miss Holly said...

I really liked the I AM #4 movie :)

Bella said...

You're reading I Am Number Four for school?! I wish we read cool stuff like that... Not that I've read it, but I plan to! :L Happy reading!

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chelleyreads said...

Like the commenter above: you're reading i am number four for school?! that's so awesome! :D

Please check out our IMM if you have time.


Blueicegal ♥ said...

They all look fab! Good to see you posting btw :)

Kara said...

I've been trying to read I am Number 4 for forever. But I've never been motivated enough to buy it.

heavenisabookstore said...

I Am Number Four was OH SO good! You'll love it.

Dazzling Mage said...

Conspiracy of Ravens looks like a great read! =D

Sam Mrozek said...

OO! I've been trying, but havn't yet managed, to get a copy of I Am Number 4. It looks soooooo good.

heres my IMM:

Cyndi M. said...

I want I am Number 4! I've heard mixed things about it, so I've always put it off... but I do want it!

Yas said...

i enjoyed reading i am number four. i got to watched the movie first, but the movie didn't spoil the book for me. hope you'll enjoy it as much as i did. new follower! :D

xRawritzJess said...

"I am number four" was great! I hope you enjoy it! I couldn't put the book down until I finished it *O* && "Beastly" the cover scares me, but I read the summary, it seems good :) Happy reading!

Allison said...

I wish I got to read something like I AM NUMBER FOUR for school. We were strictly limited to classics!

Looks like you had a great week!

Mad Scientist said...

I recently recieved I am Number Four in the mail. I'm hopping it will be a rather enjoyable read!

Zombies are for May!  Morbid Romantica Challenge links are up for Zombies along with a few book ideas.  Some I myself will be trying out! Stop by and let me know which Zombie book I should be reading!

Mad Scientist
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Shirley said...

I'm glad you are officially back! Have fun with Daddy's card! I would be so excited to receive I Am Number Four in my mailbox!! Lucky you!

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